Road to Success

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When I was a newbie to the home
business profession, I immediately
acquired a very
bad habit that I
did not
know or understand truly
hindered my success.

Like everyone who is new to this
profession, I experienced one
rejection after another; and one
(what I perceived) failure after

I constantly complaned to my sponsor.

I also made it a point to tell people
at the meetings I attended. I would say
things like, “Yeah, I tried that and
it didn’t work.. I got no results!”

“That doesn’t work for me!”

Every single time I saw people
I would always come back
with, “
I must be doing something
wrong because that doesn’t work
for me !”

Little did I know, but that was my
biggest mistake!

You may be asking, “What do you
mean, that was your biggest mistake?”

My first counseling session with a leader
in the business was 6 months after I got

I proceeded to tell him everything that
not working for me. All the things
they teach and all the procedures to
attempt to make sales or get signups
that were
not working for me.

He listened intently as I was dumping
all of my
“Blah, blah blahs” on him.

Finally, he asked me one single question:

He asked, “Is that what you want
not to work for you?”

I replied, “Of course not!”

Then he said something that not only
fixed my mistake,
but I will remember
for the
rest of my life, as long as I live
and breathe .

He answered, “Then don’t say it!”

He asked, “Do you ever see Leaders
complaining about lack of results?”

“Leaders get MORE lack of results than
YOU POSSIBLY EVER could because
they take
more action than YOU do!”

He taught me that Whatever We SAY,
we reinforce to happen over and over
again in our lives!

At first, I thought to myself, “Yeah right!
How is
that kind of “hocus pocus” going
change my lack of results?”

However, he was right about self-talk
that whatever we say or post, we attract
back into our lives, repeatedly!

So, I took his advice and stopped ALL
of my complaining. I never VOICED
lack of results ever again!

From that ONE MOMENT onward,
never again did I complain to anyone,
nor to ever post in Facebook or in any
social media,
that something was not
working for me!

Let’s segue to our online businesses..

When I found this Powerful Lead
Generation System,
I discovered lots
of people making the
exact mistake I did
55 years ago, when I was new to the
Home Business Profession.

They complain when they get no results
from mailing the leads.

They do not understand something about
the law of averages and wanted instant
results, no matter what.

Any and all lead generation systems require
time and patience and I counsel people on
this when they decide to email leads.

Here is a Powerful Way To Receive
a Daily Flow of 100 to 200 Leads!

Imagine this: You can email these Leads
every single day and it will grow to the
point of

You will eventually start to bend the
law of averages in your favor!

When I discovered this system,
I immediately ordered my First

100 Leads a Day! <===

As my number of
Daily Leads grew, my
results started to progress. I am not only
very pleased, but I feel very good about
sharing this
Powerful Lead Generation System!

Go for it! Connect with me after you do
and Join with me and the rest of
My Lead Gen Secret Team.

Let's Build Our Freedom and Prosperity Together!
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