It is NOT the failure that causes the problem. we have failed. The question is not: Have I failed? The question is: How does that failure affect me? Does it make me feel like I am a failure? If so, I will begin to have a negative attitude. Or, does it teach me a lesson and I learn from it? There is good fear, and there is bad fear. Bad fear causes you to avoid something. Good fear causes you to try something. There is a big difference between good fear and bad fear.

When it comes to failure, Some have a good fear and some have bad fear. Some want to avoid it at all costs. Others want to learn from it. I am going to get better because of that. Failure never leaves us the same. When we fail it does not leave us where it finds us. We either get better because of it. Or we slide back and often become worse because of it. But it never leaves us the same. I am either leaving the failure and giving excuses. Or I am learning from failure and growing. In the end, the choice is ours. We do not choose failure. But we do choose our attitude. How do I respond to that failure?

Those who respond correctly get better. Those who respond incorrectly get worse. Failure never leaves us the same.