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My name is Gerald Aumaugher. I worked for Experian for 5 and a half years, my partner worked for 6 years with Experian, we worked with in customers service with people that had problems with their credit.

Our goal is to help you correct your credit problems in the most efficient way and we are looking forward to working with you

Gerald Aumaugher and Joann Szabo


Leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible


Background on us

My name is Gerald Aumaugher. I am retired, I worked for Experian, for 5 and half years, may partner worked for 6 years in customer service with Experian, working with customers that had problems with their credit.

Our goal is to help you correct your credit problems in the most efficient way

Gerald Aumaugher and Joann Szabo

Continue reading Background on us

Credit Building Strategies

On the off chance that you are endeavoring to fabricate your credit there are numerous methodologies we can take a gander at to enable you to begin. In the event that you have no credit, terrible credit or great credit, building credit is vital since paying little heed to your circumstance, you would prefer not to go down. Systems for Building Credit: If you don’t have any credit whatsoever, you should begin someplace.

One system for structure credit is to apply for a Visa or an individual advance and ask your relatives or companions to co-sign the application. When you have opened a record, ensure you meet every month to month commitment, since on the off chance that you miss any installments whatsoever your co-underwriter is capable. On the off chance that you don’t have a record of loan repayment, you should need to select Visas issued by service stations, or else open a record with a retail establishment. These cards are moderately simple to get hold of, and it causes you to fabricate credit.

After you built up some credit extension, make your installments dependably and after around a half year you will be qualified for more credit. It isn’t prescribed, however on the off chance that you have an individual advance and as yet paying following a half year, you should need to apply for a new line of credit to reimburse this advance and begin installment on the other advance. I suggest this since it can free the co-underwriter from obligation. Never take out more than you need while applying for an advance and dependably check the financing costs and forthright expenses to abstain from overpaying.

Terrible Credit Strategy If you have awful credit and need to reestablish or construct your credit, you should initially begin by sending for duplicates of your credit reports. The reports are free once every year and can be acquired by TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. After you have surveyed your reports ensure no exercises are recorded against you that isn’t your own. On the off chance that you see, any activities on your report quickly compose the three agencies and request an examination. When you have debated your report, the following stage is thumping down each record until your credit is clear. On the off chance that you are battling with cash, you should need to thump out the verified obligations first and afterward work through the debts without collateral.

It might require some investment however you will get results after your obligations are forked over the required funds. An extraordinary system for those of us in the red is to set aside some cash every month and apply it to our levy. In the event that you are burning through cash, for diversion surrender it for the time being and escape obligation.

Numerous things in life are for nothing out of pocket and regularly fun and energizing. Keep in mind when you make penances something remunerating dependably returns. Another supportive procedure is hauling out the entirety of your assets. On the off chance that you have aptitudes, you should need to open a private company and utilize those abilities without limitations. You will profit and fabricate your credit.

Murdering numerous winged animals with one stone is the adage that works best when you realize what it implies. It is likewise savvy to reduce costs when you owe are your credit is terrible. On the off chance that you are burning through cash you don’t have, it is just sending you in reverse. There are numerous methodologies for returning to some kind of sane normality. One incredible procedure is to abstain from missing vehicle installments.

Great Credit Scores Finally, in the event that you have a decent FICO rating you need to strategize to keep up this score or else raise the score. On the off chance that your credit is great, you need to proceed with the spending that is clearly working and work toward expanding your pay to ensure you meet all installments every month. The exact opposite thing you have to do is apply for extra credit extensions on the off chance that you as of now have credit built up. Result what you owe now and purchase what you need later.

One of the greatest oversights a large number of us make is underestimating our circumstance. In the event that we have a ton of cash and an extraordinary credit extension, we regularly continue spending gorges. This is preposterous and is a surrendered procedure that covers us in a sand trap.



Credit Card Processing and IOLTA


That depends on whether the client is paying an invoice or paying a retainer for use to bill against future charges. When the payment from a client is a retainer, that is where IOLTA comes into play. Lawyers have IOLTA or trust accounts at banks that are separate and distinct from the law firm’s operating account. The advance payments or retainers to go the trust account, and the interest from those accounts typically goes towards statewide legal services and not the clients. Many lawyers do not accept retainer payments by credit card because of the steps required to accept a credit card into a trust account. However, if they do, an IOLTA merchant account comes into play.

In reality, not much changes with credit cards. With IOLTA, your primary considerations remain whether the clients’ funds should be directed to an IOLTA account or the operating account. However, there is a growing trend with more law firms using credit cards for retainers. In either case, accepting credit cards will be a matter of linking the proper bank accounts to your merchant account and ensuring that you use the right account for each transaction.

You’ll need to work with a credit card processor that’s set up to deposit and withdraw from your correct accounts. Fortunately, there are many such companies, as we’ll discuss later in this article.

IOLTA Overview

As you probably already know, IOLTA is a method of fundraising to provide legal aid to low income people by pooling the interest that lawyer trust accounts generate.

Lawyers who receive funds belonging to a client place those funds in an interest-bearing account. These funds may be for a variety of legal purposes, such as court fees, settlements, and retainers or fees paid for work not yet performed. Funds from multiple clients go into one IOLTA account, thus increasing the balance on which interest accrues.

If the amount of money from an individual client is sizable or will be held for a long time, the interest goes to the client whose fund are held in the account.

However, in many cases, the amounts are smaller or will only be held for a short period. If the amount of the funds will not earn interest income for the client that would exceed the cost of setting up an account individually to hold the funds, the funds will be deposited in an IOLTA account and the interest remitted to the state IOLTA program. At no time can attorneys receive the interest from client funds held in a trust account.

Interest on IOLTA accounts is not taxable.

Where does IOLTA apply?

According to the American Bar Association website, 49 out of 53 United States jurisdictions have mandatory IOLTA programs. Attorneys in those states are required to participate. Four jurisdictions have “opt-out” IOLTA participation, where attorneys participate unless they explicitly opt out. As of 2017, the ABA website indicates that there are no longer any “voluntary” IOLTA jurisdictions in the United States. All 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands have either mandatory or opt-out IOLTA programs.

The “opt out” jurisdictions include:

  • Alaska
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Virginia

Attorneys in all other locations must participate in IOLTA.

IOLTA Bank Accounts

For the purposes of IOLTA, the bank account where the funds are held is a crucial factor. You’ll need to use an IOLTA account specifically. Every jurisdiction maintains a list of financial institutions that offer IOLTA accounts.

The financial institution will be responsible for remitting interest to the IOLTA program; it will not be the attorney’s responsibility. However, you as the attorney may need to confirm that your accounts are set up to do so. You’ll receive reports from the financial institution detailing the interest paid to the program.

IOLTA Merchant Account

While it’s important to have an IOLTA bank account specifically equipped to properly handle and disburse interest, it’s just as important to have a merchant account for IOLTA payments if you accept credit cards.

The main concern is that processors should not deduct credit card processing fees from an IOLTA account. Rather, those fees (and other business expenses) must come from your operating / business bank account.

You’ll need to secure an account with a credit card processor that will deposit IOLTA transactions into your IOLTA account, but deduct fees for credit card processing from the operating account. You may also wish to have a separate merchant account set up for accepting non-IOLTA payments.

Multiple Merchant Accounts

As an attorney, there may be situations where you accept payments that won’t go into the IOLTA account. In those instances, you should not use your IOLTA-connected merchant account. Doing so can create the complicated (and against IOLTA rules) situation of commingled funds.

Instead, you should have a separate merchant account connected to your non-IOLTA business bank account. In this situation, your processor will deposit funds and withdraw processing fees from the same non-IOLTA bank account.

Credit Card Equipment with Multiple Merchant Accounts

Some attorneys wonder if they need different credit card machines if they have two or more merchant accounts. The answer is: maybe. Some credit card machines allow you to use the same machine for different Merchant IDs (MIDs) which would mean you don’t need a separate machine. However, not all credit card equipment has that capability. Be sure to confirm multi-MID capacity before purchasing a machine.

Another consideration is that if you use the same machine, you’ll need to remember to run IOLTA-eligible transactions through the MID connected to your IOLTA account and non-IOLTA transactions through the MID connected to your standard account. If it’s too much of a hassle to keep those separate or if you just prefer the visual reminder of different machines, you can select multiple machines.

In order to cut down on equipment costs, you could choose two different styles of processing equipment and opt for a low cost model. For example, you may opt for a basic countertop machine for your IOLTA payments and a smartphone credit card reader for non-IOLTA. Another option is a virtual terminal with attached USB reader. Smartphone readers and USB readers are both less costly than countertop credit card machines, but provide security and the lower costs of swiping cards.

Choosing a Credit Card Processor for IOLTA

The good news is that many processors can provide merchant accounts and help you comply with IOLTA.

While there are companies that market themselves exclusively to lawyers, it’s not necessary to use those companies. You’ll need to work with a processor that is familiar with lawyer accounts, and can deposit funds into one account (your IOLTA bank account) while deducting processing fees from a second account (your operating bank account.)

CardFellow works with several credit card processors that provide merchant accounts to attorneys. You’ll simply designate your IOLTA account for deposits and operating account for fee withdrawals. Additionally, you’ll benefit from CardFellow’s protections, including our rate guard feature to prevent markup rate increases, no cancellation fees, free ongoing statement monitoring to ensuring costs stay low, and more. And if you need help comparing costs to lawyer-specific credit card processors, we’re happy to help you

Ready to see costs? Our 2-minute signup process is easy, private, and no-obligation. Try it now!


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Control in Time Management

Control is having the power to manage ourselves. When we have control of our lives, then we have the ability to manage anything that comes our way. No one can control every aspect of life, but we can maintain some control over what happens to us.

Control is having the power to manage ourselves. When we have control of our lives, then we have the ability to manage anything that comes our way. No one can control every aspect of life, but we can maintain some control over what happens to us.

It is important to keep in mind that all things in life have an effect on us somehow, and when we are trying to learn time management, we need to consider that. The process of time management is complicated, but once mastered, makes life much easier. In order to develop an effective time management plan, you need to consider all areas of your life, and evaluate where your time is spent.

In thinking about how you can better manage your time, you need to consider all factors: time with family, friends, work, yourself, etc. You must prepare yourself for the little crises that are inevitable in life. This is the start of how to learn to control and manage your time. There is no end to managing time, but if we are able to do it, life will be easier and less stressful.

When considering how we can control our time management, you must consider such aspects of life as entertainment, relaxing, meals, dressing, and other things that form your life. Think about where you spend more time than you need, and figure out where you could use that time to make your life better. Eliminating wasted time in one realm of our lives and putting it somewhere else can help to build and solidify relationships, aid in stress relief, even help you do your job better.

One place where you can concentrate on controlling your time is at the workplace. Not using your time wisely or spending too much time on a project that can be delegated to other co-workers can make your job stressful, routine, and even boring. Taking control of your time will allow you to take on more meaningful projects, and be more valued as an employee. Control and management of your time is the best way to get the most out of your work, and your life.


Gerald Aumaugher

Shed Fat and Find Your Six Pack Abs

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When the weather is cold, everyone layers up in order to keep warm. Layering keeps you covered and easily hides the extra flab and bulges around your midsection.

This extra weight piles on easier in the colder weather than any other time of the year. That’s because many people don’t enjoy exercising in the cold and it’s harder to watch your weight thanks to all of the holiday goodies that lurk around every corner.

But spring and summer always arrive before you know it. If you’re not careful, you’ll be caught with your winter body at the beach – and you don’t want that. Right now is the best time for you to get in shape and give yourself a set of washboard abs that makes everyone else envy you.

If you do it now, your body will be ready just in time for the warm weather. Look at it like you’re involved in a specific challenge – like you’re training for a marathon or running in one – and you stay steady on the course until you reach the finish line.

How Long Will It Take to Get Abs?

If someone promises you that you can have a set of six pack abs in a week, you can bet they’re not telling you the truth – unless you have very little fat to begin with and simply need to tone up very little.

If someone says that you can have them in several months, they may not be telling the truth, either – but that all depends on YOU!

Here’s why:sport-1815736_1920

When you develop your six pack abs is going to depend on you and your effort.

It all has to do with how hard you work out, how determined you are to meet the challenge goals you set for yourself and what kind of shape you’re in now.

Someone who’s in fairly good shape at the moment and already regularly works out is going to meet that goal a lot faster than someone who’s very overweight or someone who has a hit or miss approach to being committed to fitness goals.

The simple truth is that how long the race takes you and how well you do depends on how you tackle it. No one can make you a winner in this challenge except you – but you can get some help if you follow a specific program like the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

If you’ve decided that you’re up for the challenge, the next step is to make a plan and get going.

Choose Your Plan of Attack

First, you need to analyze the current state of your body. Which of these categories do you fit in?

#1 – I can barely pinch an inch – just need to tone up and carve the abs I already see.

#2 – I have a little flab covering my abs, so it needs to get burned off so I can fully see – and cut – my abs.

#3 – I have what’s commonly known as a beer belly. Flab doesn’t pile up anywhere else except my stomach.

#4 – I’m hefty all over, so this will be a total body fitness challenge, with abs as one of my goals.

It almost sounds backwards to say, but if you’re a #1 or #2 body type, then you’re going to want to push harder right out of the gate than those who have a longer journey ahead of them.

That’s because you’re already in pretty good physical shape, so strict nutrition and hardcore workouts won’t phase you – and you’ll be motivated because you’ll see results faster.

The more fat you have to fight, the longer it will take you to see the abs, but you will still enjoy seeing the fat melt off of your body, and under the flab, your abs will be toning up.

When you know you have a longer journey ahead, you don’t want to burn out by doing too much, too fast. You want to make gradual changes to your lifestyle in the form of exercise and nutrition – so that your body continues to burn calories and strengthen your muscles, but you don’t feel worn out trying to achieve lightening fast results.

We’re going to go over several things for this challenge, including nutrition, exercises, a men’s versus women’s approach, and the best equipment to help you get the job done.

The Foods You Eat Impact Your Abs

You might think rushing out and hitting the gym full speed ahead is where you’re going to shape your abdomen and produce those six pack abs. Certain exercises are part of the challenge, but there’s a part that’s equally as important – if not more so.

Just like the gym workouts that you do, your kitchen can help you develop six pack abs. In fact, your kitchen can turn out to be your greatest ally to getting the body that you want if you equip it to help you.

You have to have food to live, but most of us give our bodies far more food than it can use. We can easily get out of shape by piling the plates full of food that offers a lot of comfort and pleasure – but doesn’t offer much in the way of health and nutrition.

Plus, there are foods that are great at helping you build muscle and those are the foods that you want to eat. To get great looking abs, you have to challenge yourself to break free from your old way of thinking.

An Ab-Friendly Way of Scheduling Meals

In the past, you might have stuck to the schedule of eating breakfast, then lunch and having dinner in the evening. You have to forget that way of eating and learn to eat more often.

The key is not necessarily to eat more – especially of the wrong foods or quantity – but to eat more often so that you keep your metabolism up and your body can burn the flab hiding your impeccable abs.

Besides keeping your metabolism up, you’ll also be making sure that your body is getting enough calories. Not getting enough calories is the number one thing that makes people blow off a healthy way of eating and head for the junk food to quiet that growling stomach.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean going hungry – and if you feel hungry while you’re working toward getting those abs in shape, you have to change things around so that you get the right amount of food intake.

Your abs being defined and muscular depends on your body having enough fuel. But too many people think working to build ab muscles means they should eat more to build a little bulk muscle.

If you eat right, in a way that fuels your muscles, you’re not going to have that hunger battle on your hands. The problem with many people who try to eat six times a day is that they get confused.

They think that eating six times a day means having six nice, big meals. But if you do that, you’re going to pack on weight and flab and not even be able to see your abs.

What you have to do is to eat breakfast, and then three hours later, you have a healthy snack. Two hours after your snack, you eat lunch. Three hours later, you have your second snack. Two hours after that, you eat dinner. Three after that, you have your final snack.

None of these snacks should be junk food. They should be lean protein and a carb paired together to help your body perform at maximum levels.

Now keep in mind, with this new schedule of eating, if you’re only eating and you’re not yet working out those abs, you’re going to see the numbers on the scale start to climb.

If it takes you a week to adjust to this new way of eating and you do see that you’ve gained some, don’t feel bad. That initial weight gain will come right off once you hit the exercise routine you need to do.

fruit-bowl-1600003_1920Foods That Help Eliminate Stomach Flab

There are some foods that can help you build strong muscles and some help with alleviating stress on your muscles after you’ve had a workout. You’ll want to consume plenty of:

* Nuts (almonds are great)
* Beans
* Green vegetables
* Fruits

* Dairy

* Whole grains

* Lean meats

* Eggs

* Peanut butter (a great protein snack)

Switch the oils you use to olive oil – it’s better for your health and better for your muscles.

You might hear that you need to eat only low fat carbohydrates when you’re working to build your abs, but this is not good advice to follow. Your muscles need carbohydrates – especially after a workout.

So look for carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index. These include:

* Pasta
* Yogurt
* Sweet potatoes
* Rice – brown
* Oats
* Bran
* Vegetables – leafy greens, etc.
* Fruits – apples, oranges, grapes

The one ingredient you want to look out for is fructose because fructose quickly turns into fat. Don’t use carbs that break down quickly – these are carbs that are usually full of sugar.

They can drive your insulin to spike and when your insulin number is higher, your body doesn’t burn fat as well. So eat carbs that are slow acting.

The kind of fat that you want to make sure that your diet has is monounsaturated fats, such as:

* Macadamia nuts
* Avocado
* Fish oil

These fats keep your cholesterol level at a healthy range and they’re powerful fat burners. Foods that burn fat are important when you’re looking to develop a set of six pack abs because they help you deal with the flab and uncover those abs.

Eat fat burning foods like:

* Broccoli rabe
* Brazilian nuts
* Avocados
You want foods that spike your metabolism and keep it revved up throughout the day. You should help your body burn the fat hovering around your midsection – even when you’re sitting still.

There are some foods that increase your metabolism just by choosing these foods over others, such as:

* Hot peppers
* Tempeh
* Black beans
* Asparagus
* Edamame
* Spinach

Nutritional Tasks

When it comes to setting your nutrition up for your new fat loss regimen, the lower you are on the scale of needing to burn fat, the fewer changes you need to make. Your body is already mostly peaked for performance.

For those who were in the #1 and #2 category, focus on eliminating any extra junk food calories you can give up. You may not need to make any dietary changes, as long as your new workout regimen burns enough fat to showcase a new set of abs.

If you have extra work to do to shed a beer belly or overall body weight, like the #3 and #4 challenge participants, then you’ll want to restrict your calories more and make a plan to choose body fueling foods that rev up your metabolism and help you get lean, faster. The guidelines in Xtreme Fat Loss Diet can help you make firm decisions about your diet plan.

Get to Know Your Abs

Every single person on the planet has abs. But many of these abs are covered up under layers of flab. The amount of fat covering the abdominal muscles depends on how much extra weight you carry in that area.

In order to work on the specific act of carving out the outline of your abs (which is where the term six pack abs stems from), you have to understand where these muscles are and what they do for your body so that you can pinpoint your exercises precisely.

Your abdominals aren’t just one muscle, but a set of different ones. Just like you can have layers of fat, you have layers of abdominal muscles. You have the transverse abdominis.

This muscle is located on either side of your abdomen. It runs in a vertical direction. This muscle is a core muscle that acts as support for your back. It’s important that you strengthen this muscle.

Next, you have the internal obliques. These muscles work in tandem with your external obliques. They control your movement when you need to bend or turn or twist.

The muscle that’s targeted when you want to build six pack abs is called the rectus abdominis. This muscle runs the vertical length of your abdomen and is considered your stabilizing muscle.

When you don’t work out your ab muscles, your rectus abdominis will not be defined. When you work it, it becomes defined and gives you that rippled effect that so many people seek.

By now, you know that there’s a big difference in the way people can use exercise to shed abdominal fat and bring those abs into focus. This is where the challenge separates those who merely want to lose the belly fat from those who specifically want well-defined ab muscles that look chiseled – because exercise is something you have to stick with in order to see results.

You have to have iron will and determination to keep pushing through until you see your body take shape the way you’ve visualized it being. We’re going to delve into a men’s and women’s approach for ab exercises, because each gender will have a slightly different plan of attack.

Men Who Want Washboard Abs

To build the abs, you can’t ignore the function of all the muscles within the abdomen. That means that looking to ripple up the rectus abdominis is only part of the equation.

You need to strengthen the transverse abdominis, too. Contrary to popular belief, doing sit-ups is not the best way for a man to build his abdominal muscles.

One exercise that you can use to do this is the pelvic tilt using 10/10.

Lie flat on an exercise mat and either put your hands behind your head or place them on your abdomen. With your knees up, raise your butt from the floor and hold it for 10 seconds.

Lower your pelvis to the floor again and repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions. As you’re doing this exercise, you want to concentrate on pulling your stomach inward. This tightens your abdominals.

You can also do push ups. With this exercise, you can do the standard method, which also works your triceps. But using an exercising ball can up the intensity of the pushup while making your abdominal muscles work out more.

To do this exercise, you place your feet on the exercise ball as if the ball was the floor. Because the ball will not remain in one spot unless you control it, you’re using your abdominal muscles and tightening them both during the pushup and as you control the ball to keep it still.

To create washboard abs, another exercise that will help is to use an overhead bar. While holding the bar, lift both legs together off the floor and hold them straight out for the count of 10. Slowly straighten the legs and repeat.

For the bicycle exercise, which is extremely good for working out the ab muscles, you want to lie flat and put your hands behind your head. Position your legs up as if you’d been sitting in a straight back chair and fell over backward.

Begin moving your legs up and down in a pedal pushing fashion while at the same time, touching each elbow to the opposite knee as it raises.

Exercising using crunches and Swiss ball figure eight movements is also helpful for giving you washboard abs. The challenge is going to be sticking with any new exercise movements until you see results.

But if you can stick with it for two weeks, you’ll begin to notice some changes in how your muscles feel before you notice how ripped your abdomen is becoming, so you’ll have signs that it’s working.

Women Who Want Washboard Abs

It’s a fact that losing weight and building abs is often more difficult for women. But let that be a challenge to you to overcome the genetic slight you have. Women must use a healthy eating plan along with exercise and possible weight training to get rid of the natural fat they can carry in the abdominal area if that’s an issue for you.

The key for a woman to get a nice set of ab muscles is to know what type of body shape you have. For example, if you have an apple shape, you’re going to want to hit the cardio exercises and make those a big part of your exercise routine.

If you have a slower metabolism and you don’t burn fat as easily, you’re going to want to concentrate on exercises like push ups, side steps, back arches and the bicycle.

As a woman, you’ll want to concentrate on exercises that target your body such as crunches and squats. You’ll also want to do leg raises. These are similar to the pelvic tilt for men but you don’t want to bend your knees.

Instead, you want to keep your legs straight out and hold them mid-air for a count before slowly bringing them back down.

Seated lifts is an exercise that’s very helpful in building abdominal muscles for women. To do this, sit flat on the floor with your ankles crossed. Place your hands beside you and tighten your stomach muscles.

Lift your body up while keeping your ankles crossed. Hold for the count of ten and then lower yourself back to the floor.

All of those are exercises that you can do at home with no additional equipment, but there are some exercise equipment as well as machines that you can use that are helpful.

in-the-gym-1170496_1920Exercise Equipment for Men and Women

There are some simple items that you can use at home to build your abdominal muscles. You can use dumbbells, exercise balls or ab rollers. You can also use a kettlebell.

An exercise tubing that you can use to do pulls is also great for building washboard abs. But many people like to have machines at home that they can use to work on their abdominal muscles.

Some of these machines are small and easy to use while some of them are larger and more complex. The ab rocker machine is a good one that you can use at home.

It was created to work only your abdominal muscles – and it stays on target with that goal. Plus, it’s easy to keep stored when you’re not using it.

An ab crunch machine is great to use at the gym or in a home gym that you design. Some of these do have weight caps. But you can define the weights you lift in certain amounts by what you add and remove. With most of them, you’ll have to buy the weights separately.

You can use a decline bench that gives you muscle gain in the abdomen. Another great exercise machine is the ab twist. This machine uses a swivel seat and targets your obliques as well as your rectus abdominis.

Regardless of whether you don’t use any equipment, or you use simple or complex equipment, exercise doesn’t power itself. You have to be the driving force behind making it work for you.

If you have that determination, then you’re ready to start shedding fat and toning your body all over – not just in your ab area. Check out the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and see how you can flush fat ad spot reduce while training, too!

For my full in depth review of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, watch the video below.


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Fat Loss Starts With a Healthy Liver

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If you’re like most people, you have some inches that you want to get rid of. And if you’re like most people who have tried to eliminate these unwanted inches, you’ve used numerous programs and you’ve tried out hundreds of tips.

You’ll do anything to turn your body into the shapely figure that you want it to be. You’ve done the special food fad diets with items that are expensive and sometimes weird.

You’ve mixed shakes until you’re sick of them. You’ve swallowed pills that claimed to help burn fat – but didn’t work. You’ve eaten some nasty tasting concoctions and gagged while choking them down.

Everything you’ve tried putting into your body to help has been to no avail. So you decided to go after the fat from the outside, too. You added exercise and sweated until you were exhausted and drenched.

You’ve even tried weight training to get rid of stubborn fat that just will not let go. The reason that this fat is still around is because just like the Fat Loss Factor program shows you, none of the methods you’ve tried address the reason why you’re still not losing the fat.

3 Reasons Why You Still Have Fatweight-loss-1207555_1920

Men and women alike want to lose fat because then they’ll have a better looking body, feel better and be able to fit into the clothes that they want to wear. They have plenty of willpower – but just not the right knowledge they need in order to make their goals happen.

You have an uphill battle and that battle is more difficult for women. One of the reasons that you’re having such a hard time shedding the fat is due to genetics. Your ancestors gave you the DNA that you have.

You got your eye color, your hair color, your build and even your possible health issues from them. But you also got the stubborn way that your body holds and stores fat from your ancestors.

Your genetics are to blame (or thank) for how you look. But when you’re born, you don’t have the ability to choose which people belong on your family tree.

These genetics are directly responsible for being the reason that one person will store fat in their hips and another in the buttocks.

Unfortunately for women, they kind of get a raw deal when it comes to genetics and fat. As a woman, your body isn’t going to be as light in the fat department as a man’s is. That’s because a woman’s body is naturally made to hold onto fat. It’s simply the way it is and you can’t change that, either.

Besides being naturally predisposed to have more fat than a man, a woman’s cells are not an ally when it comes to losing fat. Rather than being a helpful fat loss buddy, a woman’s cells work to hang onto that fat.

So when a woman tries to get rid of fat, her body has some roadblocks in place. Another reason that you still have fat is because of the way you eat when you try to get rid of fat.

Fad diets, which are also sometimes known as crash diets, work against your body.

Both men and women fall prey to the belief that these diets work. When you go on a diet that robs your body of the nutrition that it needs to survive, it’s going to fight back by slowing your metabolism and holding on for all its worth to the fat that it has for survival purposes.

You know that the fad diet isn’t forever and that one day you’re going to eat normally again, but your body doesn’t know this. So it’s keeping the fat in order to prevent you from starving to death – even though that’s not really an issue.

But that’s why crash diets aren’t good fat loss strategies. They do just the opposite. You may even see celebrities who go on weird fad diets and all of a sudden they’re parading around in bodies that look leaner.

Maybe for a short. But when you see them later, all of that weight lost is right back – and they have more fat than they did before they started their diet. You don’t want to put your effort into something that’s a waste of your time and unhealthy for your body – even if it is a short term crash diet.

Just as women carry more fat than men, they also have a greater struggle with fat loss because of estrogen. If you’re a woman, you may have wondered why – when you’ve tried so hard to work out and eat right – you still have not lost the fat.

That’s because estrogen works to prevent weight loss as well as fat loss. It causes your metabolism to slow down, making it more of a battle when you do attempt to lose. It’s also responsible for making sure that any fat in your body that goes into storage stays there.

All three of these things – genetics, wrong dieting, and estrogen – can play their part in working hard to keep you from losing fat.

Change Your Mindset About Fat Loss

You know that fad diets don’t work when it comes to losing fat. But what you might be unaware of is that not even healthy diets can make a difference in your body’s fat stores.

If you eat right, you might lose a few pounds, but eventually what always happens is you’ll simply stop losing weight – let alone losing any fat. You’ll step up whatever exercise you’re doing in an attempt to shake free of that plateau.

Yet still that fat clings. There’s a good reason for this. You check yourself, talk to others and think that what you need to do is to add some more water intake to your day.

Surely if you drink enough water, you’re going to finally see some fat loss victory. Maybe you can flush fat right out of your body. After all, that’s what some of the infomercials said.

But you down so much water that you’re getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. After a couple of weeks, you check your appearance in the full-length mirror and the only thing you lost is sleep from getting up in the middle of the night.

Upset, you decide that what you need to do is to up your protein intake. The protein will give you energy and it will help you lose some pounds. Surely along with that weight loss, you’ll also lose fat.

When that didn’t work, you figured that what you needed was more exercise – so back to the gym you go. You’re working out forty-five minutes to an hour every time you go. That just has to work.

Except it doesn’t and you don’t even realize that you’re right back on the same cycle that you were in the beginning. Diet. Exercise. If you’re not careful, you’re going to start looking once again for the next fad diet.

You feel this urge to keep trying – not only because you want to lose the fat – but because deep down inside, you know there must be an answer, there must be a way. And you’re right.

It’s time to change what you’ve always thought about fat loss. There is an answer and Fat Loss Factor can address your struggles as well as those questions that you have.

active-19413_1920How Your Liver’s Health Determines Your Fat Loss

This is why you need to change your mindset about fat loss. This is the reason that everything you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked. This is the reason that you know there are answers.

Because your body has been trying to tell you all along that you already have an organ that’s willing and able to help you lose the fat that you want gone. But at the same time, if you’re not treating it right, this same organ can cause you to hang onto fat because it can’t break those fats down correctly.

That organ is your liver. You might think that your liver is simply the organ within your body that helps to get rid of toxins. You’re right, that’s exactly what your liver does do.

You get toxins from the food you eat, from the air you breathe and from the products that you use on your body. Everyone deals with this and normally, your liver gets to work, cleans up these toxins and keeps working like it should.

But what happens is a lot of people fill their bodies with extra toxins. They overindulge in foods that are loaded with toxins. They’re not careful about what they breathe in.

They won’t even think twice about spraying a cleaner in a room and breathing in those droplets from the air. Or a friend comes over who happens to be a chain smoker. Hitting the bars every weekend, people might drink to excess.

While you might be happy with your routine and not think twice about it, the truth is that these extra toxins you’re allowing in your body are not only damaging your liver, but it’s limiting your liver’s ability to get rid of fat.

Your liver was made to get rid of fat and toxins. But its first priority is going to be keeping itself and your body free of harm. So guess what issues it’s going to tackle first?

The toxins. So it goes to work to get rid of those – but every time it makes any headway, more toxins are entered into the body. So your liver just keeps on trying and trying like it’s on a hamster wheel.

It’s no wonder that it doesn’t have time to fight the fat. In order to help your liver do its job, you have to get it where it’s healthy again and doesn’t have to focus all of its energy on toxins.

You have to do a total body cleanse. And if you’ve never done a cleanse for your liver before, you probably have a lot of toxins that you need to clear out of there. There are several ways that you can do a cleanse for your liver, but not all of them are a healthy way to detoxify.

The Natural Way to Restore Health to Your Liver

If you know anything about body cleanses, you know that there are all kinds of promises made. The catch is that you have to buy certain products. Maybe some cleansing shakes or powders.

Some cleanses suggest super zingy spices that they say are guaranteed to work. But they don’t work. They end up making you sick – and if you use enough of the spice, you can burn your taste buds.

Remember that when you’re trying to get an organ back to optimal health, you don’t want to ingest something that will hurt you in any way. So avoid things that aren’t natural.

Instead, use natural ways to restore health to your liver. There are some everyday ingredients in foods that you may have already tried before that can bind toxins.

These toxins can then be eliminated and stop causing your liver to work so hard. Once the toxins are eliminated, your liver is set free to work on losing fat. So what are some of these natural detoxifying foods?

Beets are one of them. Well known for their eye-catching color, beets don’t always make the list of things that many people like to eat. They do have a strong taste – but they’re an incredible detoxifying vegetable that can give your liver a healthy boost.

The only problem is that you do have to eat this vegetable raw to get all of the detoxification power it has. Remember the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

This fruit not only keeps the doctor away, it keeps the toxins cleaned out. The pectin in apples is the ingredient that can get rid of those toxins and help your liver function better.

To get this help from an apple though, you will need to make sure you eat the peel of the apple. Looking at foods that act as a natural detoxifying helper, you want to check out whatever is green and leafy. These foods are great at giving your liver some aid.

Foods aren’t the only detoxifying items. Some liquids – such as green tea – also work as something that can naturally detoxify your liver. There’s a long list of different food items that you’ll want to know for getting your liver back to the place where it can help with fat loss.

The reason that it’s important to make sure your liver is healthy before you try to lose fat is that without it, you’ll fail. A liver that can’t metabolize fat can’t help you.

yoga-1812695_1280What You Need to Get Started and Succeed

You need to get rid of the toxins first before you do anything else. Even if you don’t want to lose fat, you should do this to help your liver. Next, you’ll want to learn about the right foods to eat that will help you metabolize fat and lose weight.

Once you’ve done the cleanse and have the hang of which foods to eat, you’ll want to add some exercise – but you want to make sure that you’re doing the kind of exercise for the length of time that you should do it.

Your life is made up of blocks of time and there’s no reason that you should give large chunks of your life over to the gym. Aim to work out for 15 minutes a day for just 3 days a week.

Since getting started on some new habits can make anyone feel a little unsure, use a food guide for when you’re not eating at home. There’s no reason why eating at your favorite restaurants can’t work with your fat loss goals rather than against them.

Set your fat loss goals in increments. In other words, make sure that you set yourself up for success from the start. Don’t make open-ended goals. Such as “I want to lose fifty pounds and noticeable fat.”

That’s not specific enough. Instead, make your goal something like, “I want to lose fifty pounds and noticeable fat in six months.”

It can be helpful to keep a record of your food and exercise. So start a journal for that. The reason that it can be helpful is because on days that you have little willpower and you haven’t seen a recent change in your body’s fat, you can look back at how far you’ve already come.

Finding recipes that help you lose fat can be beneficial and it can also be helpful to have someone that you can reach out to with questions or when you need some support. You can find all this and more with Fat Loss Factor.

For my full in depth review of Fat Loss Factor, watch the video below.


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The Beautiful Art Of Woodworking

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The hobby of woodworking wasn’t exactly a hobby decades ago. Back then, older generations made what they needed for their homes. While it’s true that they did this out of necessity, the projects they created were beautiful and long lasting.

They were passed down through the years and many of those items are now pexels-photo-97054considered valuable antiques. As life got busier, it became easier for families to simply purchase any kind of wooden furniture or other wood gadget that they needed.

It’s sad too, because these mass produced items are not as well made and they don’t hold the same meaningful legacy. Woodworking is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life.

The skills discovered through woodworking can be used to surround yourself and others with one of a kind pieces.

What Is Woodworking?

Woodworking is a once-lost art that’s now back in style because people appreciate the quality that can be found by creating the furniture and other items that they need themselves.

The skill of woodworking means to create something out of wood. That “something” can be a lot of different items. When you have the knowledge, skills and woodworking designs to follow, you can do amazing things around your home.

In the kitchen, you can build cabinets or a center island. You can make a hutch or you can create chairs. You can even master how to create embellishments on the doorways or on the floor trim.

You can add beauty and value to every room in your house. You’ll save both time and money when you learn how to do woodworking. If you go to a custom woodcrafter to get something made for your home, you’re going to end up paying at least triple what you would pay over making the same item yourself.

Remember that a custom woodcrafter was once someone who knew nothing about woodcrafting, but by learning, he or she got good enough to turn the skill into a business.

With the right guidance, instructions and wood plans, you can reach that level, too. But you have to learn from someone who knows the ins and outs of woodworking – and you want to try to find it all in one place so that the teaching is consistent.

A product like Teds Woodworking would be a good resource. It’s like a one-stop shop where you can get all you need except for the hand tools and tangibles – those you’ll have to get on your own. But you can get diagrams, a woodworking guide and a CAD viewer with a single download.

Along with the instructions, you’ll also get the videos that make learning easier. That’s a huge help for people who are visual learners. You can read about it and then follow up the learning by watching one of the video aids.

Who has time to waste weekend after weekend sitting in on local woodworking classes and then going home to try to carry out the instructions? It also doesn’t help if you have no choice in what’s being taught. With a course that you download, you get to choose.

Selling Your Own Woodworking Projects

There is a large market for woodworking projects that sell really well. When you’ve decided to start selling what you make, you have to consider the time involved in creating the item versus what you can earn.

You want to look at pieces that are popular, can be made quickly and can garner you a lot of repeat business from customers. One of the well-known items that always sells well is a birdhouse.

Birdhouses always sell well regardless of the season. The reason for this is because people do use them in their yards as homes for birds so they can watch the birds and create a nice little haven in their yard.

But there are also people who collect birdhouses and use them as part of the décor around their homes. If you search through country decoration magazines, you’ll see a lot of this trend.

It’s not just collectors and bird enthusiasts that like to buy birdhouses. Other craft oriented business owners like to buy birdhouses. Many of these crafters will buy plain wooden birdhouses in bulk.

They take them home, add a hand painted design or stencil something on it. Then they turn around and take those birdhouses to craft shows and sell them. While there’s no limit to what you can create by learning how to sell your woodworking – you always want to choose projects that will move.

While a gorgeous four poster bed will sell, it’s not going to move as rapidly as some of the smaller items will. So when considering things to sell, think smaller items.

Benches are always huge sellers. People will buy benches for the foyers of their homes for themselves or their children to sit on to kick off their shoes, to store school bags underneath or as a decorative piece.

These items are used on front porches as part of a decorating theme, especially during holidays like Halloween and Christmas. People love to buy benches and create a little garden area in their yard.

It doesn’t take long to make different size benches and though these are not thought of as extremely large items, they can command a great price. You can expand on the benches to make outdoor sectionals and those are also big sellers.

Wood units created to hold DVD cases sell very well. You can create horizontal or vertical ones because both styles are popular. Wooden candlestick holders sell well. End tables are hot selling items and so are stools used at kitchen islands.

While you want to create a wide variety of projects that will sell fast and launch your business, you also want to choose a specific woodworking niche. For example, specialize in selling wooden toys and you can quickly earn a reputation as the person to order from when someone is looking for a great wooden toy.

That resource that was mentioned earlier, Teds Woodworking, has diagrams for making some great wooden toys. Once you’ve got a few wood projects made and ready to go, you’ll need to find a market to sell the items.

This isn’t difficult at all because you can sell woodworking items on or offline. To sell your items online, look for places that allow the sale of handmade items. One place that many woodcrafters have found success is at and another place is

Both places have areas where you can list your project by category. You can also create a personal website dedicated to selling your projects. You’ll need photos of the finished project, a price list and an online payment processor such as PayPal.

Offline, you can sell your creations at craft shows that are in your area or within driving distance. You can also sell at farmer’s markets and community gatherings.

Many communities host bazaars where residents can gather to sell their wares. You can also rent a booth space in a craft store. Put up a sampling of your small items – but you don’t want to miss out on the publicity opportunity – so hang photos of larger items that you can custom make, too.

There are some retail stores and restaurants that accept custom-made wood projects from local craftsman. You can check on how to get into these stores by contacting their home offices.

You do want to avoid trying to put your items in any local woodcrafters’ shops unless you have an established relationship prior to asking. Because otherwise, to them, you’re the competition and they’re not going to want to give you any space to take business away from them.

pexels-photo-65036Creating Woodworking Projects as Gifts

Woodworking projects make gifts for all year long holidays and special occasions. You can create gift items for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, graduation, Valentine’s Day and more. These unique projects will be cherished for years to come.

You can create trinket boxes for men, women or children. They can be in a wide range of sizes as well as shapes. Children love these trinket boxes. What one woodworker did was to create wooden trinket boxes in the shape of a duck for boys and in the shape of a teddy bear for girls.

They can be used to hold small toys, jewelry, little cars, keys, wallets and special photographs!

Wooden dollhouses make wonderful gifts for little girls at Christmas time. You can even make the miniature furniture that goes inside and give a child a special gift that she’ll pass down for years go come. You can make baby doll beds that any child will treasure.

Wooden trucks, airplanes, toolboxes and wagons are a hit as a boys’ gift. You can create a large, outdoor playhouse for the kids in your own family or to sell so others can give it as a gift. You can build a jungle gym or a slide and a host of other outdoor items that make great gifts.

You can make a lovely wooden clock to give a couple as a wedding gift or create a curio cabinet for a couple sharing a milestone anniversary. For the expectant couple, you can create a lovely baby cradle.

You can also make a porch swing for people to sit on and enjoy those lazy summer evenings. The dog can even be the recipient of a wooden gift when you make a one of a kind wooden doghouse for him.

Woodworking for Kids and High School Students

It’s a good idea to get a kid or a teenager interested in woodworking. Woodworking can help a young person develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of independence.

It can also boost their self-esteem, give them a creative outlet and help increase concentration. Kids and teens can make simple projects as beginners. Projects such as wooden boxes, sailboats, cars, games and birdhouses make great starter creations for them to do.

But as they learn more in terms of skills, a child can make more complicated projects. For example, he can make a step stool, bookends, a cutting board or a boomerang.

Teenagers can make bowls, a picnic table, chairs, benches or an entertainment center. They can create beautiful trunks or jewelry cabinets. Or they can make decorative items like a grandfather clock.

With the right plans, they can create game tables such as a ping-pong table. In other words, kids and high school students can learn young to create the same great projects that an adult can.

Teaching a young person how to master woodworking is a gift that you can give that can make a difference in their life. Giving a young person this skill is something that will benefit him as he gets older around his own home or he can use the skill to make items as part of a woodworking trade.

pexels-photo-29596Woodworking Tools

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced woodworker, you need certain tools to complete a project. The simpler the project, the less range of tools you’ll need. Tools can be expensive if you go out and buy everything you need all at once.

What you want to do is buy your tools based on the project that you’re going to work on. Read the project instructions and it will tell you what tools you’ll need. As your skills increase, you can add to your toolbox.

Don’t buy cheap tools, either. Pay what needs to be paid to get the quality stuff because poor tools can make a difference in how well the project turns out. Let’s start with a dozen tools that no woodworker should be without.

You’ll want to have gauges. These provide accuracy and make a reference point that lets you know where to follow with the blade or chisel. You’ll see these as marking gauges or a bevel gauge.

They’re called marking gauges simply because they mark the spot. You’ll also want a marking knife. What some new woodworkers do is to draw a line with a pencil where a cut is supposed to go.

But you don’t always get the kind of accuracy you need by using a pencil. That’s where a marking knife can help. You’ll also want to have clamps on hand as well as sanding materials. You can use a belt or disc sander.

Have a basic drill and you’ll also need a router. When you’re working with angles, you need a tool that will let you make those sharp lines. This tool is called a combination square.

You’ll need a saw. Most woodworkers use a combination of saws. The most popular are a table saw, a miter saw, a coping saw, a jigsaw and a dovetail saw. You’ll need a set of chisels in various inches.

You’ll need planes, too. Pick up a block plane first. You’ll move on to a smoothing plane and a shoulder plane as you grow in knowledge. Always read through your design plans to see what is needed before you assume to know what tools will come in handy.

Where to Find Woodworking Plans

Woodworking is something you can enjoy whether you’re a beginner or advanced. But either way, you need plans if you want to build something. There are some woodworking magazines that have some great projects in them, but you’re kind of limited on how many projects you get in that copy.

That’s because if the magazine gave you all that you wanted, you’d never buy a second copy of the magazine. You can find free online downloads, but this can be time consuming and the downloads may or may not be a complete list of instructions and tools needed.

It would be a pain to start on a project from a downloaded form only to find out that you’re missing part of what you need to know. You can watch videos on some of the video sharing sites, but you have to go through a few hundred to find some good ones.

The best place to find woodworking plans is wherever you find a site that has everything you need right there, especially if you’re new to woodworking. Find a site, like Teds Woodworking, that will get you started right away on the project you want to create by giving you plans, guides and tips.

When you check out that site, you’ll see a ton of different projects you can try. You get more than 16,000 you can choose from, so it’s pretty comprehensive. You’ll have projects suited for just starting out all the way up to plans for when you’re ready to start making money from your hobby.

You can get started with woodworking today and who knows? Maybe decades down the road, something you’ve created will be cherished as an antique by your family.

For my full in depth review of Teds Woodworking, watch the video below.


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